McCullochs for over 60 years have adapted with the times.

Agriculture was where it all began back in the mid 1940’s converting the first ever H.V. McKay rice header to tracks for the ease of harvesting.

In the mid 1950’s we moved on to manufacturing GOLDEN Land Graders and Scoops producing large quantities of both for the Agricultural market. We still have the joy of hearing that there are many of these Scoops and Graders around and are one of the best implements a farmer could own. In today’s Agriculture market that is a huge complement.

Various other specialised machines have been desgined and manufactured by McCullochs Manufacturing in the ’80′s and ’90′s including, Hay Presses, Extrusion Rubber Cutters and various other Agricultural and Industrial machines and components.

In 2010 McCullochs Manufacturing is a stand-alone business and employs over 20 staff handling the design and manufacture of our DR950 series Drill Rigs. With our pledge to supply the Drill Exploration market with a superb quality Drill Rig at extremely competitive rates. We also continue to supply the telecommunications industry with Zero Tension Cable fit-outs on Dozers as well as our Hose Hog (CAT High Pressure re-usable syle Hydraulic hose end) Presses.

Are you sick of dealing with corporations who just don’t seem to care? Down-time costs money and McCullochs Manufacturing understands this by offering high quality products and impeccable breakdown support. Call us today and find out what it’s like to receive real customer service.

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